Dr. C. Pethuru Raj Ph.D              (About Me)


Chief Architect and Vice-President (Jio)

Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) Division

Reliance Jio Platforms Ltd. 

Bangalore, 560103, India


Mobile No.  91 8660697438

The Objective


To contribute as a dependable and decisive digital innovation and transformation analyst, architect and advisor

SRE Leader - The Key Responsibilities

1. Preparing the SRE strategy and best practices that talks about        how to develop, deploy and deliver resilient software applications


2. Understanding the various data analytics platforms and cloud          infrastructures for high availability, scalability, security, and                reliability.


3. Educating the various development divisions on the value and          significance of site reliability engineering competencies.


4. Articulating the relevance of reactive programming and service         mesh solutions (Istio and Linkerd for service resiliency)

 What I Do?

A hands-on software architect with 19 years of industry and 8 years research experience

  • Articulating site reliability engineering (SRE) technologies and approaches to realize resilient software systems

  • Focussing on establishing and sustaining Kubernetes-managed containerized and edge clouds

  • Stressing the significance of cloud-native computing methodologies to bring forth next-gen multi-cloud applications

  • Experimenting with Knative for Serverless apps, Kubeflow for ML apps, etc.

  • Well-versed in the emerging technologies (IoT, Artificial Intelligence (AI),Fog/Edge computing, Digital Twin, Blockchain, Microservices Architecture (MSA), Service Mesh, Serverless computing, etc.)

  • Competent in integrated data analytics platforms (big and streaming data)

  • Comfortable with software patterns (architectural patterns (SOA, MSA, and EDA) and software design, integration, resiliency, and deployment patterns)

  • Researched on several AI algorithms (data mining, machine and deep learning) towards cognitive systems

  • Authored and edited many technology books and research papers on newer technologies

  • Provided technology consulting, evangelization, mentoring and advisory services in formulating end-to-end digital transformation stringently based on data analytics, process excellence, infrastructure optimization, architecture assimilation, and technology adoption aspects.

IT Platform and Product Engineering Architect

  • Deciding and designing the end-to-end platform/product architecture along with the contributing modules,

  • Contributing to the choice of strategically sound technologies and toolsets.

  • Articulating the software patterns, frameworks, programming models and best practices for incorporating non-functional requirements

  • Recommending the leverage of agile development and the DevOps and SRE tools

  • Interacting with business analysts for requirements elicitation and management,

  • Assisting the development, quality, deployment and delivery teams

  • Bringing forth techniques and tips for high performance, scalability, availability, security, and reliability

  • Producing proof of concepts (PoCs) / pilots for verifying and validating emerging technologies

  • Mentoring the architects and engineers on emerging information and communication technologies and tools

IoT  and Data Science Architect

  1. Architecting highly integrated IoT architecture for connected cars, homes, healthcare, retail, energy, utility, and cities using MQTT servers (HiveMQ and MessageSight), Kafka, MongoDB, Cassandra, Apache Spark, Tableau, Blockchain, etc. 

  2. Led a team of software engineers and architects for producing proof of concepts (PoCs) and pilots on cloud-based analytics. Looking into specialized analytics such as In-Database and In-Memory analytics (IBM Netezza, SAP HANA, and VoltDB) and focusing on cloud-based IoT application enablement platforms (AEPs), and Cognitive IoT analytics.

  3. Focused on big and fast data analytics technologies and tools (Cloudera, Hortonworks, MapR, IBM BigInsights, IBM InfoSphere Streams, IBM PureData System for Analytics and Hadoop, etc.), Operational Analytics Platforms (Splunk, IBM SCALA, and SCAPI), business intelligence (BI) and information visualization tools, etc.  Working on end-to-end data analytical platforms (Datameer), NoSQL & NewSQL Databases (RIAK, MongoDB, Cassandra, etc.), clustered, analytical, parallel, and distributed SQL databases and data warehouses etc.

Cloud Infrastructure Architect

  • Contributed to the architectural decisions and descriptions of the various capabilities (compute, networking, storage, monitoring, management, IAM, auto-scaling, security, database, analytics, IoT, etc.) of the Jio Cloud offering of Reliance Jio Platforms Ltd.,

  • Architected a number of hybrid cloud-based IT solutions for worldwide clients by leveraging IBM, AWS and Azure solutions and services and produced new cloud-based offerings in the analytics (big, fast, streaming and IoT) space for the IBM cloud.

  • Prescribeddata center optimization and transformation solutions using software-defined networking (SDN), storage (SDS) and computing (SDC)concepts and introduced the Docker-enabled containerization paradigm in IBM towards containerized workloads and for achieving elastic IT infrastructures, platforms and scalable business applications in real time.

The Platforms and Tools Handled

  • IBM Watson Platform on IBM Bluemix Cloud

  • Application Portfolio Rationalization (APR) for Data Center Optimization

  • IBM Workload Transformation Analysis (WTA) for Cloud Migration Readiness & Fitment Identification

  • Enterprise Portfolio Management (EPM) Platforms (IBM System Architect &Troux) for Enterprise Architecture

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure

  • Oracle Fusion Middleware (OFM) and its contributive modules such as Oracle SOA Suite 11g, BPEL Process Manager, Event Processing Engine, Workflow & Business Rule Designers, Oracle Data Integrator (ODI), Identity Management, Dashboards, etc.

  • Enterprise Architect (Version 9.1) & IBM Rational Software Architect (RSA)

  • Model-Driven Development (MDD) using OptimalJ, and AndroMDA toolkits

The Technical Expertise Summary

  • Kubernetes-managed containerized cloud environments

  • Service Mesh solutions (Istio and Linkerd)

  • Mirantis OpenStack for Cloud Environments

  • Serverless computing frameworks

  • Cloud Brokerage and Orchestration Solutions

  • Continuous Integration, Delivery and Deployment Solutions

  • VMware vSphere, vCenter, vSAN, and vRealize Suite

  • Cloud Configuration Management Tools

  • Device Profile for Web Services (DPWS), Open Services Gateway Initiative (OSGi), RESTful Services &.NET Micro Framework for Embedded & Connected Devices

  • Enterprise & Distributed Applications Development technologies (CORBA, Java EE, Struts & Spring frameworks, and Hibernate) and Microsoft.NET Framework 3.5)

  • Business Integration & Messaging Standards (JBI, JPA, JTA, JDBC, JNDI, RMI, EJB, JCA, & JMS)

  • Oracle Complex Event Processing (CEP) Environment & Progress Apama Event Processing Platform

  • HTML5 Smartphones Applications (Android SDK, iPhone, BlackBerry & Windows Phone)

Professional Certifications and Training

  1. TOGAF and ITIL 2011

  2. VMware Products

  3. OpenStack Cloud Management Platform

  4. IBM Cloud

  5. Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure& Google Compute Engine (GCE)

  6. Big, Real-time and Streaming Data Analytics

  7. IoT Edge / Fog Analytics

Educational Honours and Awards

  1. UGC Fellowship awarded for PhD programme in Anna University

  2. CSIR Research Associateship award for Advanced Research in IISc., Bangalore

  3. JSPS Fellowship for Postdoctoral Research in Japan

  4. ERATO Fellowship award for JST Quantum Computation Project in Japan

Professional Affiliations

  • International Association of Computer Science and Information Technology (IACSIT) 

  • IEEE Computer Society 

  • Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)

Research Focus Areas

  1. Software-defined, Containerized and Cognitive Clouds

  2.  Big, Real-time, Streaming and IoT Data Analytics Platforms

  3.  Context-aware Computing

  4.  Edge / Fog Computing

  5.  Machine and Deep Learning for Smarter Applications

  6.  Workload Consolidation and VM Placement

  7.  Cloud Workflow Scheduling

  8.  Dynamic Capacity Planning and Management

  9.  Blockchain Technology for Smart Contract and Decentralized Applications

Education and Research

  • Research Scientists (JSPS and JST Fellowships) in Nagoya Institute of Technology, Kyoto University, and the University of Tsukuba, Japan

  • Postdoctoral Researcher (CSIR Fellowship)in the Department of Computer Science & Automation, Indian Institute of Science (IISc.), Bangalore

  • PhDScholar (UGC Fellowship)in Theoretical Computer Science, Anna University, Chennai

The Summary of Professional Engagements

Chief Architect (Reliance Jio Cloud from 2017)

Architecting the various capabilities such as compute (containers, virtual machines, and bare metal servers), networking, storage (block and object), IAM, security, monitoring, management, auto-scaling, data analytics, etc. for the Jio Cloud, which is under development for hosting Jio applications as well as partners. Also, I started to articulate newer capabilities to be provided as a service via the Jio Cloud.


Cloud, Big Data & IoT Solution Architect (IBM Hybrid Center of Excellence (CoE) from 2013 till 2017)

With the unprecedented adoption of the cloud paradigm, all kinds of enterprises are strategizing and formulating well-intended plans and timelines for meticulously modernizing and migrating a variety of business and IT resources to cloud environments (private, public and hybrid).  I have been providing technology and architecture advisories to worldwide enterprises to smoothly and sustainably deploy, deliver, manage, and maintain their functional workloads in IBM public clouds (Cloud Managed Services (CMS) and SoftLayer). I am mentoring a team of 16 Cloud architects to equip them for solutioning big data analytics (Social media and customer sentiment analytics, real-time, high-performance and predictive analytics, etc.) on cloud environments.

Enterprise Architect (Wipro Consulting Services (WCS) 2006-2013))

  1. Integration Strategy Formulation for a renowned mining, metal, and mineral company based out of Kazakhstan. The company has a few business, IT, and industry-specific applications and data sources. The assignment objective is to understand the total IT landscape in order to articulate the integration requirements and to come out with a comprehensive report on arriving at a standards-compliant, flexible and futuristic process, application and data integration middleware in order to establish an integrated and extended enterprise IT division for the organization. We have done a detailed evaluation (features and functions) of service bus products from different vendors (SAP NetWeaver PI 7.3, Oracle Fusion Middleware (OFM), IBM WebSphere ESB, TIBCO Business ActiveMatrix, Microsoft BizTalk, Software AG WebMethods, and Progress ESB) in order to zero down on the best integration backbone and platform for our esteemed client.

  2. IT Simplification & Strategy – This work is a leading oil and gas company. As it embarks on a transformational agenda, IT application optimization has become an important target. The goal is to do a thorough investigation of all the functioning business applications in order to identify those applications to be retired, replaced and renovated in order to establish a lean IT division. We have recommended cloud-based applications for those that are not mission-critical. We have performed application portfolio rationalization (APR) by leveraging a proven tool in order to list out various applications from the inventory in order to identify their capabilities, competencies, and contributions for business automation, acceleration, and augmentation.   

  3. Technology Advisory Services for Smarter Enterprises – Next-generation technologies, architectural paradigms assimilation, infrastructure optimization, and process excellence is the leading transformational methods for businesses. I have acquired the right and relevant education and expertise on a stream of promising and potential technologies (cloud, mobility, analytics, service orientation, and integration) in order to enable and empower enterprises to be transformed into smart ones in their operations, offerings, and outlooks.

  4. The point of Views (POVs) for different Industry Verticals – For example, created a PoV for a proprietary and web-based data virtualization and visualizationplatform for enabling 360 degree, consolidated, and real-time view of customers for facilitating quick onboarding. This is a kind of cloud-based big data analytical system of real-time integration of diverse and distributed multi-structured data (structured, semi-structured and non-structured), social content, machine-generated data and customers and confidential data of enterprise applications. 

Application Architect (2001-2006, Indo-Fuji Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore)


  1. Enterprise Management Solution (EMS) & Helpdesk Software - This is designed using three-tier architecture for achieving performance, scalability, flexibility, and availability. The 3-tier architecture for this web application is designed in such a way that it could be accessed by 5000+ concurrent users. It is Web and WAP-enabled and also has a stand-alone application client. On client side, we are using XHTML, WML, and XML languages. The protocols used are WSP, SOAP, and HTTP. The middle tier business logic is by Java Server Pages (JSP) and XML and we used Xerces XML parser on the server side. We used JDBC 2 as the database access mechanism and XSL, XSLT and XML Schema for converting XML files into HTML and WML files to be displayed in both Web browser and mobile phone's microbrowser.
  2. SOA-empowered B2C E-Commerce System - We have grasped a good amount of knowledge and insights in recommending SOA-based system architecture for a variety of enterprise web applications such as e-commerce, e-business, e-market etc. Here we have reused our proven SOA framework for realizing and maintaining an extensible and evolvable business-to-consumer application. Security is a prime concern here and hence we have concentrated on web service security standards, languages and tools in order to ensure rock-like, impenetrable, and unbreakable security on this web store application. The highlight of this application development is to enforce single sign-on and high-level security through the use of the XML digital signature and XML Encryption APIs. Core Java is the key programming language

The details given above are true to the best of my knowledge – Pethuru Raj